The Experience

The hologram dinosaur adventure takes one to five people and runs for 28 minutes.

It consists of ten mini-experiences set in the times of the dinosaurs. Don’t get stepped on by T-Rexes battling around you, get attacked by prehistoric insects, swim with plesiosaurs, pet a baby brontosaurus and much, much more!

Between sections it pauses for a photo opportunity so that your guests will post pictures on social media as free advertising for you.

Click here for a video!

The mini-experiences

The Museum

See a holographic dinosaur skeleton in stunning detail!

It looks solid, but is made of light. That means you can put your hand straight through it!


See the Earth as a hologram.

In the past, all of the world’s landmasses were fused in one supercontinent called Pangaea.

T-Rex Fight

Two giant holographic Tyrannosaurus rex fight while you are on the ground beneath them.

Do your best not to get crushed underfoot!

Brontosaurus Nest

Feed grass to a mother brontosaurus and then defend the nest from egg-stealing dinosaurs. Watch a baby hatch out of an egg.

Don’t forget to pet it, it’s very cute!


Did you know that insects used to be the size of cats?!

See some holographic creepy-crawlies and give them a pat.


Something has scared the triceratops herd.

Dodge them as they stampede towards you!

Ocean Raft

Sail a raft on the prehistoric ocean.

Feed fish to the plesiosaurs and then take a swim with a kronosaurus.


Velociraptors are very dangerous animals!

Hide in the long grass and duck down low.


In this section, you step into the shoes (wings?) of a pteranodon!

Fly with your plock through the caves and over the oceans. Don’t worry about that big fireball in the sky, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about!

Fossil Digging

Use your holographic drill to dig through holographic rocks.

Maybe there’s something important buried inside…