Hologram Arcade Machines


A Hologram Arcade Machine is a large room or free-standing ‘booth’ made of a metal frame and fabric. Inside rests a projected table, roughly 1.8m2.

Two players play hologram games on the table as the device projects objects inside of it that appear to be floating in the air.

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Hologram Arcade Machines are a valuable contribution to an existing stable of arcade machines in an entertainment center, or can be left running independently in shopping centers and public places as a form of unmanned revenue!


The Hologram Arcade Machine must be housed inside a small booth 4m (13.1ft) wide by 2m (6.5ft) deep. It is 2.9m (9.5ft) tall. The booths have two to four doors with half-curtains obscuring most but not all of the players inside.

Special Requirements

The Hologram Arcade Machine booth is a fully enclosed room so in its standard configuration it does not require darkness outside. It is portable, but it takes about a day and 2 technicians to rebuild it. For ceiling height requirements please see “Size of Device” above.

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Projection details

The Hologram Arcade Machine projects up to 80cm off the screen.

Number of Users

The Hologram Arcade Machine supports two player content, with single-player content being introduced to the lineup very soon!

Additional Special Features

The Hologram Arcade Machines are compatible with most payment systems including Intercard, Sacoa, and generic coin and debit tap systems.

The Arcade Machine gives prize tickets from a ticket dispenser and supports depositing tickets directly onto a player’s card.

Comparison with Other Devices

The Hologram Entertainment rooms are used for long-form 30 minute or more experiences, while the Hologram Arcade Machines are most valuable for use in quick, 5-minute games.

Available Content

There are 15 Games at present, which come in groups of 4 per machine.

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