Shows & Conferences

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Use our Holographic devices to provide realistic Holograms of people or objects on stage, from singers to speeches or even holographic versions of your presentations with floating objects to work with! These shows can either be recorded in real-time for live performances or created ahead of time. Either way, a major advantage is that, like a video, the Holographic performance can be played in many places at once, all over the world. 

Our Stage Holograms can be used to present shows or product demonstrations to various size audiences, from a small presentation to a group of ten to a large exhibition to hundreds of people. Our Stage Holograms allow you to show many different formats of content, from 3D experiences to a whole room of people not wearing any glasses or headsets, to large-scale 3D experiences involving cost-effective disposable 3D glasses. 

Our Holographic Systems can also be used in showrooms and for public-facing advertising. Holograms are associated with luxury and high-technology; imagine a giant hologram of your luxury products spinning in your showroom. These Holographic experiences can be tuned to single-user dynamic experiences, such as selecting colours and options at a car dealership, to futuristic advertising for maximum exposure and public interest.