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Want the world’s most high-tech attraction available to your customers? Try a Dinosaur Hologram Room. Up to five people go on a Hologram dinosaur adventure – the dinosaurs look real, but they are made out of light. If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, perhaps try playing against your friends in a series of Holographic sport events, from track and field events, to fencing against Hologram enemies, or try your hand at archery using a holographic bow!

Besides Hologram Rooms for entertainment, consider our Hologram Arcade Tables. Play with a friend in versus or cooperative as you battle it out over a 3D scene that appears to float between you. Hologram Arcade Tables project up to 80cm off the screen! Integrate our Hologram Arcade Tables in with your existing family entertainment center, with most payment systems supported including debit tab, Intercard, Sacoa, and general coin systems.

Our Hologram Entertainment Devices can run multiple types of content in parallel, in comparison to most other arcade machines which only run a single game. Euclideon Holographics has a large library of game content ready to run in your family entertainment center or entertainment venue. See a full list of our Hologram Arcade content here: Hologram Arcade Table Content