Food & Dining

Want to get attention for your restaurant? We have Hologram Menus that allow customers to choose from meals as they float in the air. Easily upload your entire menu into our system and entice customers from the moment they enter your doors. Integrate the Hologram Menu with your POS system to automate ordering and make your dining experience one that is not easily forgotten. 

Scan in your meals with our easy-to-use software. You only need to simply take photos of your meals and dishes using an ordinary camera. Our software will make the photographs 3D and convert them to hologram-compatible objects. Your customers will then be able to see them projected in 3D, floating in front of them. With photos taken of all combinations, your customers could see their meal exactly how they want it – even if they don’t want holographic tomato on their holographic burger! 

Our latest research is in the area of Hologram Dining experiences. Your customers will have a truly unique experience as they eat at your establishment, with any number of 3D experiences available. Your customers could enjoy their seafood meal with holographic fish swimming around their heads, or enjoy a themed meal as they journey through complementing environments. Any type of 3D content that you can think of can be brought do the dining experience.