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Viewing medical scan data in 3D is an empowering way to obtain faithful understanding and comprehension. Whether it be examining brain scans or inspecting body surveys for tumors, bringing the scan data from 2D slices into 3D truly empowers the exploration process. Multi-angle viewing, real-time slicing, density filtering and conditional querying are all possible while interrogating Hologram data. 

Everyday people do not have the skills to properly understand data in slice form. Sharing comprehension with the layperson can provide a powerful experience in understanding injuries or diseases. Medical students will pick up concepts very quickly when utilising a 3D medium such as Holograms that match our everyday perception of the world. These skills can then further enhance student’s abilities when working with traditional methods. 

We have developed direct support for most of the major medical formats and can load them directly. Data in slice format is collated into a 3D model that allows you to slice through in real-time, allowing you to get from the scanning stage to the point of comprehension much more efficiently. Connecting to our Hologram Devices via the coding or scripting interfaces allows complete control over the learning or researching process.