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Streamline your mining operations by keeping track of your assets via IOT Displays. Familiarize new hires and stakeholders by scanning your facilities and using our hologram technology to show sites without having to fly out to visit. Conduct your Health and Safety training simulations in a safe environment which can be replicated and accessed anywhere. 

Learning through typical 2D presentations can be forgotten when faced with new surroundings and context. Training within the context of a realistic environment greatly assists with knowledge retention and recall when onsite. Training involving Holograms are a more memorable experience that is interactive and exciting. 

Every induction process starts with an overview of the minesite. But how is a trainee supposed to remember where everything is? A paper map or a PowerPoint slide is easily forgotten. This technology allows the trainees to travel anywhere around the minesite in seconds – users can choose to be a ‘giant’ looking at the overall site, or they can zoom right in find the emergency first aid station or check for fire extinguisher locations.