Urban planning

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Stakeholders in the approval and review process don’t share the context that the engineers and architects have. Showing plans in 3D in an interactive medium is invaluable in the review process, both with collaborators and decision-makers. Interrogate 3D CAD data or other models and explore every angle. Multiple people can work together and walk through full-sized CAD or polygon-based models or explore designs in 3D without wearing bulky VR headsets. 

CAD assets and other 3D models can be combined with laser scans and photogrammetry data; any-size point cloud models can be instantly loaded alongside your assets. This is invaluable for obtaining complete context of the area surrounding a project or comparing as-built constructions against computer designs. Use our powerful Presentation-building tools to further drive understanding, from measuring and label features to toggling layers and sections of models in real-time. 

Our hologram business tables project holograms of cities up to 70cm high, and the level of detail available is limited only by the data you provide. You can include live feeds of planes, cars, transit or other real-time information to annotate your visualizations. Adding multiple objects and preparing full presentations is a breeze & Holograms are the most futuristic way to plan and display large-scale designs. Integration with our Hologram Devices is possible via our coding and scripting APIs.