Invest with us

Euclideon Holographics has an impressive list of customers and at present we are building our worldwide distributor network.

Euclideon Holographics Holdings Limited is open for investment until 30 April 2020. Minimum investment amount is $10,000 (AUD).

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  1. Very advanced core technology

  2. Application in many fields including medical, mining, military, government, town planning, transport, airports, architecture and education

  3. Significant media attention already exists for the anticipated products

  4. An impressive list of customers including Bentley Motors, Airbus, Hong Kong Airport, US Marine Corps, and many others

  5. No direct competitors expected for another four years

  6. Expected IPO in four years or trade sale to technology giant such as Google, Amazon, etc.

  7. Recently won one of world’s largest technology competitions (award given by Prince Andrew)

  8. Recently was given best technology award by the mayor of Santa Clara

  9. History of regular innovation and production of new products and patented IP