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Established in Dec 2019, Euclideon Entertainment’s new Hologram Entertainment Centre business has proven to be a highly profitable venture with a healthy 55% ROI recorded so far, owing to low overheads – the Holograms systems are automated, so few staff are needed, and low rental fees – only 150sqm of space is used by each centre.

For Euclideon Entertainment the 2020 lockdown period has been a surprisingly productive one, even when many other larger, more well-known businesses are going to the wall. CEO Bruce Dell says “We have so many shopping centres wanting us to open new Hologram Entertainment Centres to bring them more foot traffic! Our 4.9 Star rating on Facebook means we rate higher than Dreamworld, Sea World and Warner Bros. Movie World. Our customers don’t have to worry about COVID-19 because we offer completely socially isolated private Hologram Rooms for each family or group to enjoy Hologram games like ‘Dinosaur World’ and ‘HoloSports’.”

When our Board of Directors at Euclideon Entertainment saw how profitable their Hologram Entertainment Centre business was in early 2020, their first idea was to franchise the business by allowing investors to buy their own Hologram Entertainment Centre for around $600,000 – $1,000,000 AUD depending on size. However, our Board realized that due to new Crowd-Sourced Funding amendments to the Corporations Act (2017) there was now a much better way to allow the public to participate in this unique and profitable new entertainment company: by creating a “Virtual Franchise” business model.

To learn more about this opportunity with Euclideon Entertainment, please email us at for more information, or call 07 3393 9579

How does it work?

Normally a Franchisee licensing their new business would be required to do the following to keep their Franchise License:

  1. Invest $600,000 – $1,000,000 with the Franchisor (non-refundable)
  2. Pay rent, wages and expenses themselves
  3. Assume ALL of the business risk themselves
  4. Buy products only from “approved” suppliers with high price mark-ups
  5. Buy new equipment/machines etc. regularly from the Franchisor
  6. Assume all risk from competition if another Franchise is established nearby

Not fulfilling ANY of these conditions could result in traditional Franchisees losing their license and with it their livelihood and business, as we have seen frequently in the news in the past 2 years. The only businesses really making money from franchising are the big Franchise Operators, not individual Franchisees, by imposing exceptionally difficult conditions on Franchisees.

How is it different?

Euclideon Entertainment’s new Virtual Franchise business model is totally different:

    1. Virtual Franchisees can invest smaller amounts (Minimum: $20,000 ) – this makes it an affordable investment for a wider range of Franchisees
    2. Virtual Franchisees benefit from regular dividends paid up to 4 times per year – all profits after expenses like rent & wages are paid will be returned to Franchisees as dividends
    3. Virtual Franchisees do not have to pay rent, wages, or any other expenses
    4. Virtual Franchisees do not have to work to earn money – Euclideon Entertainment will setup and operate all the Hologram Centres with highly trained staff. That’s definitely the easiest possible way to run a Franchise!
    5. Virtual Franchisees assume far less risk, due to a lower investment amount and all the Hologram Entertainment Centres’ revenues being pooled into a single entity – which means that if one Centre does poorly, the group as a whole will still do well and individual Franchisees are far less likely to lose their business

  1. Friendly exit strategies – Virtual Franchisees will be allowed to list their shares on our share registry website so others can buy all or part of their stake. This is MUCH easier than selling a large, expensive traditional Franchise!
  2. Corporate Governance: Euclideon Entertainment follows strict ASIC regulations and under the CSF (2017) Legislation, must maintain a share register, submit reports to the ATO, issue formal share certificates etc. (The new CSFL 2017 Act reduces the regulatory requirements for public fundraising while retaining appropriate investor protection measures. See here for more info).
  3. Virtual Franchisees are protected from territorial disputes, greedy franchise operators and the substantial risk of single Franchisee failure.
  4. Virtual Franchisees will be given free tickets and encouraged to bring their friends & family to visit the centres – this will provide valuable organic marketing for the business.

Our overall goal with the Virtual Franchisee business model is for the model to be as friendly and profitable as possible for our Virtual Franchisees. By allowing for Virtual Franchisees to hold smaller stakes in each Hologram Entertainment Centre, a whole new Franchisee-friendly way of doing business is now available to a wider audience.

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Keeping it fresh - Hologram Content Creation

Euclideon Entertainment will use our internal game development studio consisting of over 20 skilled Australian developers to produce new Hologram game titles at least every 3 months. Several new Hologram Arcade machines are also nearing completion, with 12 Hologram Arcade games already completed. These provide a unique table-top Hologram experience for 1 or 2 users and include a vending machine that dispense toys when players win their games.

“We believe the vending component is extremely compelling – focus group testing with our own families has shown that kids absolutely love the Hologram Arcade machines and get very excited when small toys pop out of the top!”, CEO Bruce Dell said at the company’s Brisbane headquarters this week as he tested a new prototype Hologram Arcade machine.

Euclideon Entertainment manufactures Hologram systems at their Gold Coast factory – their roots are in the Commercial Hologram System industry, with previous clients including Airbus, the US Marines, Motorola, and Bentley Motors. With Australia and New Zealand rapidly emerging from lockdown and crowds returning to shopping centres, Euclideon Entertainment are confident that their new Hologram Entertainment Centres with built-in social isolation are going to be “just the thing” for families eager to get out of the house, but still stay safe doing so.

To learn more about this opportunity with Euclideon Entertainment, please email us at for more information, or call 07 3393 9579.